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"Here's for a yellow sash or six feet of Virginia soil..."

Captain John F. Dunning, 22nd MVI, Co. D

    The original 22nd Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry served in the tumult of the American Civil War with distinction and honor, participating in some of the most titanic clashes of the conflict, including the Seven Days, Fredericksburg, Gettysburg and the Wilderness. Of the 1100 men to leave their homes across the state, only 125 returned home at the end of their term of service on October 1 1864. It is in the honor of these veterans who survived the war and their comrades who fell in defense of the Union that we carry on the name of the 22nd Massachusetts.

We are a progressively-minded living history group dedicated to a faithful portrayal of the common Union infantryman, with a specialty in representing the soldiers of the 22nd Massachusetts, Company D-- the 'Everett Guard.' Our civilian component specializes in portraying the United States Sanitary Commission. Many individual members have various offshoot interests, including local history specialists, biographies, in-depth research, period music, vintage baseball and the like.

The 22nd Massachusetts membership comes from all walks of life and hails from across the state; with members ranging from the South Shore to the Berkshire foothills of Western Massachusetts. We participate in multiple living history presentations, battle reenactments, and parades annually. Individual members make themselves available to speak at schools, Civil War Roundtables, and historical societies.

We welcome those with an interest in living history, education, and the American Civil War to join our ranks. We take pride in participating in battle re-enactment scenarios; please note that parades, living histories, public education and preservation efforts share equal importance within the scope of our mission. Prospective military members in particular should note that as a progressive Civil War reenacting unit, we pride ourselves on drill and period-appropriate impressions. Potential members should expect to demonstrate the physical capability to field as a soldier; withstanding exposure to often-difficult weather conditions. Those who are unable to do so should be prepared to take advantage of other roles or impressions within the organization, including as a soldier working with, or under the care of, the United States Sanitary Commission. All members are expected to acquire their own vetted authentic clothing and uniform, equipage, and appropriate camp gear within a reasonable period of time. We recognize that different economic situations exist within our membership; and that members will acquire the best kit possible based on their ability; and expect that members will adhere to authenticity guidelines.

The 22nd Massachusetts is a proud member unit of the Mifflin Guard and the New England Brigade.